Welcome to Exercises You Can Do Yourself! 

From experience I know we often wait to look for help until it becomes a matter of urgency. 

The fact is, you have all the answers inside yourself to everything you are facing at all times. To unlock these answers you need time for honest self reflection and powerful questions that help you uncover your truth and identify a way forward.

There is no right or wrong way to do this.

From my own experience, I have put together a selection of 49 exercises / insights that have really helped me, in my book My Kinda Magik - The Workbook. This is available to purchase from Amazon* in both Kindle and Paperback formats. I also sell the paperback here on my website..click for more info / to purchase. If you would like to start immediately, I have three FREE exercises below, from the book, that you can do right now.

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Getting Started...

All you need is some quiet time for yourself and a pen and paper. A journal or hard backed notebook would be ideal (but not essential) so you can keep your thoughts together to review later. This might be a GREAT way to spend a train, plane or bus journey or a “lazy” afternoon at the fire...or on the beach!

Here are three exercises from My Kinda Magik - The Workbook to get you started.

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