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Both books and the cards are available to purchase from me directly. I am happy to dedicate / sign the books. I can post worldwide.  (Note: Cards are only available from me.) 

Prices (before post and packaging):

My Kinda Magik Book €15
My Kinda Magik Workbook €10
My Kinda Magik Cards €15

Both books (unsigned) are also available from Amazon in paperback and for Kindle (links below). Both books are available FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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My Kinda Magik Cards

My Kinda Magik Cards are only available to purchase from me directly. I pull a card on video and share each Monday in my newsletter. Sign up here. Check out past newsletters here.

Book Reviews - My Kinda Magik.

"Dream big, dream strong, dream happy. But above all, dream...and let your dreams become your reality". Maria Bourke's compelling book is a refreshingly honest and open account of her life and her dedication to focusing on what inspires her and makes her truly happy. Learning from her mistakes and successes throughout this journalised account of her life, it would be impossible not be absorbed by the sheer vastness of the difference between her life as a workaholic, successful business woman and the focused, life affirming, creative and passionate person she is today. It is not simply Maria's truthful, considered and often times hilarious accounts of pivotal moments in her life that make My Kinda Magik such a pleasure to read. Her ability to relay personal pitfalls, natural confusion over her goals and how she overcame her doubts about her career, family focus and life direction, speaks so readily to all of us.

Maria is the kind of heart centred, honest life-enthusiast you would wish for in a friend. Reading her book is akin to sitting next to an old friend, cup of tea in hand, feeling nourished, inspired and humbled to hear of her life challenges and the adventure it all turned out to be.

If you are searching for inspiration, guidance and a truly honest account of how to focus your life on what you love, to dream big and enable those dreams to become reality, this book is for you.

Grace Brady, Writer, Photographer and Foodie behind busylittlefoodie.blogspot.ie



The 'My Kinda Magik' range started with my personal development story which I originally blogged on my website from August 2013 to April 2014, sharing an instalment each Sunday night at 8pm. This is the content in the book My Kinda Magik.

My reason for writing the book was to share all the learning, techniques and wisdom I have gained over 20+ years to help others on their journey of personal development and Spiritual growth. You will find the 'Hello & Welcome' section from the book, plus a few reviews below.

In October 2013, I started to share an exercise each Wednesday on my website. My Kinda Magik - The Workbook is the collection of 49 Exercises or insights to help you uncover your own truth. You can sample three of these exercise here on my website. 

In December 2017, I launched My Kinda Magik Cards. There are 59 cards (double sided) in the pack plus cover/explanation card. The cards have both affirmations and questions to help you uncover and focus on your own truth. 

This is the opening of My Kinda Magik:

Hello & Welcome

During the heavy snows of December 2010, I finally listened to the relentless ‘nudge’ to document and share my personal development journey. It was a call I had successfully ignored for several years.

The tipping point came when I took up the challenge to ‘Write a Bestseller’. It was a tight deadline. Knowing that one part of me works – or had previously worked - best under pressure I started a countdown. The countdown focused my mind and energies.

I labelled the countdown ‘BF’, short for Book Finished. With 10 days to achieve my goal I started at BF 10.

I planned to post my final manuscript on BF zero.

In August 2013, having launched my inspiraction.ie website, I started to share a piece of ‘My Kinda Magik!’ each Sunday night via social media, knowing one day the physical book would materialise. I have deliberately kept the original format i.e. 37 Magik instalments from August 18th 2013 to April 27th 2014, to which I have now added ‘Magik 38! The Epilogue’.

This is my story of searching for a better way to live. I share it in the hope that it may help others on their own path, to find their truth and live more consciously, authentically and deliberately.