Maria is a fantastic facilitator and coach. She is warm, open minded, intuitive, and very generous in sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience.
Maria is a true inspiration, an amazing woman who has helped many people change their life.
Maria’s energy and unfailing encouragement make it easy to open up and be honest with yourself.

About Maria B. Bourke

Do you ever wish there could be more to life than the endless routine?

I am Maria B. Bourke (Brigid is my middle name!) and I have been officially on my personal development journey for over 20 years. Prior to that I can remember being really unhappy even though to many I had it all – the happy home, the beautiful healthy children and the executive career. Despite all this I was dying on the inside. My job was pressurized and meaningless, leaving me empty and drained. I felt guilty being at work and equally guilty if I had to take a day off and stay home with my kids. I had absolutely no life for myself. My whole day was consumed between work and home, with little variance year in, year out.

To the outside world I portrayed the mask of being happy and confident but despite my positive ‘can do’ bubbly demeanour I had a constant knot of dread in my stomach. What sort of ungrateful woman would I be to admit I wasn’t over the moon with my ‘perfect’ life?

I was obviously a brilliant actress on many levels as when my whole world fell apart - my relationship ended and I had to walk away from my career - many people did not see it coming.

In truth the person I was acting most for…was ME!

It can be so hard to face the fact that the fairytale life you have created…is the WRONG fairytale. It’s even harder to admit that you care ‘how your life looks’ to your family and friends almost more than facing the truth and being brave enough to make necessary changes…even small ones.

Many of us were brought up not to be selfish. Ringing any bells? Selfishness is not a nice characteristic but SELF CARE IS ESSENTIAL and the sooner you learn to make YOU a priority the better for everyone in your life…ESPECIALLY YOURSELF! By the way…it has taken me a very very very long time to learn this lesson.

Would you like to live your life consciously, deliberately and on purpose?

From years of searching and working on myself I have found a way to do just this i.e. wear many hats AND play the LEAD ROLE in my own life!  I created a course in 2006 called Jumpstart Your Life to share the tools and techniques that work for me and that I use daily.

Back to ‘school’!

As part of my journey, in 2003 I started a Life & Business Coaching course for my own growth and healing, with a career plan to retrain as a Primary School Teacher - my childhood dream. By the end of the Coaching course I realized that my dream was to teach children to believe in themselves (not academic subjects) and what children need more help with this than the inner child of so many adults?

Shortly afterwards in 2005 & 2006, I completed the Louise Hay Heal Your Life Teacher and Advanced Teacher trainings. However, when asked to deliver a course in Summer 2006 I knew I had to compile my own material as my personal ‘tool kit’ contains processes and techniques from many courses, books and ‘gurus’ as well as material I have developed myself.

Twelve years later….the original Jumpstart Your Life course hasn’t changed and is as powerful as ever. I now offer it as a One-to-one both in person and online.

Sharing is caring…

In 2010 I finally listened to the nudge to write a book – My Kinda Magik! - to share my personal development journey with a larger audience. It was a stop start affair until I committed to blogging an instalment each Sunday night from August 2013. I also started blogging a weekly exercise later that year. My Kinda Magik is my story and the exercises became a companion book My KInda Magik - The Workbook. I created a pack of My Kinda Magik affirmation cards in Winter 2017. You can order my books and cards directly from me. Click here for more information. Both books are also available to order from Amazon UK / for Kindle and in paperback.

Changing my mind…

In 2018 I finally listened to the good advice of so many friends and started to create online courses. I resisted this for several years as I have often found that online courses I have signed up for have been a bit hollow. My change of heart and attitude unfolded by following my nudge to create a free 30 day challenge in September. The outcomes for those who took part - including me! - were amazing. I relaunched 321 Focus in November as a paid challenge. Again the results were wonderful, especially for those who were using the materials and processes for the second time. The 321 Focus Challenge (find out more / sign up for next challenge here) will be a regular feature going forward for 2019 and beyond! My second online course / challenge Focus 2019, is the perfect complement to 321 Focus. While the latter gives you tools, processes and ultimately new habits for day to day and week to week living, Focus 2019 will give you the structure and processes for the bigger - month on month / year on year - life long picture.

Keep up to date...

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I look forward to connecting with you when the time is right!

Till then..have FUN!

Happy Days!


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