Call me old fashioned - especially in this high tech fast moving world - but I actually prefer to work 'in person' with all my clients, whether in groups or on a One to One basis. The only exception to this at present is One to One coaching online.

Part of the reason for the 'in person' approach is that we are more fully present and 'get more' from a session in a neutral environment without familiar distractions. Likewise - when possible - it is a bigger commitment to yourself to physically invest the travel time. The added benefit of travelling, in my experience, is that it gives you space both before and after your session to prepare and integrate respectively.

The three ways I work with clients at present are:

I developed the 5 week Jumpstart Your Life course in 2006. This courses is ideal for anyone - male or female - of any age (from 18 years) and at any stage in their personal development journey. Several people have taken the course a second time and  got a whole new level of learning and transformation from the experience. The course takes place in a safe, confidential environment. While the maximum per group is 8 participants, the perfect group always forms which sometimes means an intimate group of two or three. 

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Executive Retreats are a whole new adventure for me, a project I have been mulling over for several years. If it is not practical for you to travel to a Jumpstart Course each week but you want to take some time to Relax, Review and Refocus then an Executive Retreat might be just what you need. 

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While my preference is for 'in person' coaching I am happy to do coaching online.

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