InspirAction Newsletter #8

Happy Monday!

It's Magik o'clock! And Happy September!

There's some important information at the end for anyone signing up for 321 Focus! 2018.

Our card this week is probably my favourite in the pack! I LOVE both messages, the energy and the vibe!

Do watch the video (2.27 minutes) when up you get a chance! 

#14 Welcome to 'A bit of Magik for the week ahead!'

The front of the card is:

I believe in MY DREAMS.

The flip side of the card is:

I believe in ME!

Definitely affirmations to write out...I've made a few suggestions on the video!
This is such a key card to everything in our lives.

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As always, I sincerely hope you have a magical week.

Till next Monday...have FUN!

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