InspirAction Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first ever InspirAction newsletter!

I know some of you signed up a long time ago on my website and may have forgotten! My apologies. I have resisted starting a newsletter as I know myself how overloaded and overwhelmed I have been with too much 'coming at me'! In fact I've unsubscribed to almost may be in that zone too!
(The unsubscribe button is at the end...and I won't be offended if you opt out.)

My promise...these will be BRIEF!

Several weeks ago I started creating a weekly video (I'm aiming to keep these around 2 to 3 minutes max.!) using the deck of My Kinda Magik affirmation cards I created last year. The videos are titled 'A bit of Magik for the week ahead!'...and the idea is to have something simple to focus and reflect on...and maybe even act on for the week.

Here's this week's video  #7 'A bit of Magik for the week ahead!'

From now on I will be sending the weekly video in a newsletter each Monday for those who are eager for a POSITIVE Monday lunchtime fix!

Hope you enjoy the video.

Have a GREAT week!

Signature for My Kinda Magik April 2017.png

#7 Welcome to 'A bit of Magik for the week ahead!'

P.S. If you want to catch up on the previous videos here's the link to the playlist for 'A bit of Magik for the week ahead!'

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