InspirAction Newsletter #49

Happy Monday!

This week's card is:

I feel SO HAPPY.

The reverse message:

Happiness is MY MEASURE of SUCCESS.

The video (1.45 minutes) has tips and insights.

#49 'A bit of Magik for the week ahead!'

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As anyone following my 321 Focus journey knows, I am currently working on renovating the 'classroom' in my home. I have scheduled six One Day Retreats - Time for ME! - starting from August 3rd when this fabulous space is ready for action again. You'll find details here in the Event Schedule  and here's the sign up link! Places are limited to 8 participants per date. This might be the perfect get together with some of your friends. You can also book a private retreat day for a group of friends for a special occasion. Just email me!

Likewise Jumpstart Your Life is back this Autumn. There are classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Again the group size is 8 participants max. You'll find date information here in the Event Schedule. You can pay your deposit for Jumpstart here to secure your place. I am happy to agree a payment plan!

Have a GREAT week!

Till next Monday...have FUN!

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P.S. You'll find a full schedule of my 'in person' and online courses on my website.If you'd like more information and/or to get your own pack of My Kinda Magik Cards you'll find all the details you need here on my website together with information on my books.

P.P.S. If you want to catch up on the previous videos here's the link to the playlist for 'A bit of Magik for the week ahead!' and you'll find all past newsletters here on my website.

P.P.P.S. Did you know that ALL MY AFFIRMATIONS are available together on my website for you to browse any time you like? Here's the link to the Affirmation Gallery! ENJOY!

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