InspirAction Newsletter #44

Happy Monday!

This week's card is:

I am WISE and POWERFUL. Cool!

The reverse message:

I love the REAL ME!

The video (1.31 minutes) has tips and insights.

#44 'A bit of Magik for the week ahead!'

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Final reminder re Mind Body Experience Dubin...
I have a stand - 97a - at Mind Body Experience Dubin, in the RDS from May 17-19. Entry to the exhibition is free. Here's the link to check it out. I will be giving a talk on Sunday 19th entitled Transform Your Life in 20 minutes a day! at 10.40am and 6.40pm (revised time). Details here. I will be speaking about the elements in 321 Focus. Everything is set up for 321 for May, September and November now and more amazing feedback is arriving daily. For more info on 321 Focus click here or to sign up for May click here!

Finally to celebrate my first BIG fair in Dublin I am offering  a 20% discount off Focus 2019 from now  until midnight on 22 May. Focus 2019 is the second online course / challenge I created. It perfectly complements the 321 Focus Challenge but is also a great starting point. If you want to set meaningful life goals for now and beyond this is excellent. You can  work through the material at your own pace. More info on my website.   Discount code: 2020FOCUS (all one word / all capital) Normal price: €55 / Discounted price: €33. Click here to BUY NOW.

Have a GREAT week!
Till next Monday...have FUN!

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