InspirAction Newsletter #26

Happy Monday!

Happy 2019!  

This week's card is a question:
Who needs my LOVE & KINDNESS?

The reverse message: MY Magik!

The video (1.34 minutes) has tips and insights.

#26 'A bit of Magik for the week ahead!'

If you would like some tips on setting New Year's Resolutions / Goals for 2019 you might be interested in this article from the Sunday Independent (link below).

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How to make effective New Year's resolutions - and keep them. Click here to read online!

If you want some support setting and / or sticking to your 2019 goals you may find the following helpful:

Focus 2019 (referred to at the end of the Sunday Indo article) is a new online course to set your goals for 2019. You can work through the material at your own pace. More info on my website. It complements 321 Focus.

The 321 Focus 30 day challenge starts again next Thursday January 17th!
I have completed the 30 day challenge twice (Sept / Oct & Nov / Dec) and I also did a 45 day personal challenge that allowed me to distill everything into the 20 minute a day 321 Focus Challenge:
3 - Daily Affirmation to set intentions
2 - Daily Guided Meditation
1 - Daily Gratitude
Focus - daily exercise for self reflection.

Those of you who have completed 321 know how powerful it is. I am blown away by the results! I will be running 321 at regular intervals throughout 2019. (321 March date is also set.)

What you need: €33 to sign up / a journal / 20 minutes a day from 17 January to 15 February / an email address ...and a COMMITMENT TO YOU! More info and the sign up link are here on my website. 

If you're finding these newsletters and videos helpful, please feel free to share with anyone you think would benefit from some weekly Magik! (It's as simple as forwarding this email!)

Wishing you a magical New Year!

Happy 2019!

Till next Monday...have FUN!

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