The ways I work Online at present are:

One to One Life Coaching is ideal for personal issues and / or for anyone who is not comfortable in group situations. It's the perfect option if you are unable to physically get to Mullingar as we can work together online. I find One to One Coaching online is as effective and successful as 'in person'. I have now worked with clients in the U.K., Spain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia online with Zoom and Skype.

Click here for full details on One to One Coaching.

  • 2. 321 Focus 30 Day Challenge

    Invest 20 minutes a day in YOU to focus on creating the life of your dreams.
    I was planning to write a new book - The Magik Formula - when I got the inspiration to create 321 Focus. This challenge is more powerful than any book as we are DOING and TAKING ACTION...not just reading the theory! For me 321 Focus IS the MAGIK ACTION!

Click here for full details about the 321 Focus Challenge, when it starts again and how to sign up!

  • Focus 2019 ONLINE

    Launching November 21st 2018. Details to follow shortly.