Focus 2019 is an Online Course you do at your own pace.

What can you expect to get from Focus 2019?

Have a listen to the video (3.05 minutes) to find out what’s in it for YOU!

Focus 2019 was designed to be both a 5 day challenge (which initially ran after Christmas 2018) and an online ‘go at your own pace’ course.

  • Focus 2019 is an opportunity to look at the bigger picture.

  • Focus 2019 will help you get clarity about your right path.

  • Focus 2019 is an opportunity to invest some time and make your time….YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE… work for you!


In September 2017 I launched the 321 Focus 30 Day Challenge to share the processes I use on a daily and weekly basis to live on purpose and create the life of my dreams. This involves a daily investment in YOU of 20 minutes. The idea is to create good habits to tap into and optimise your own magic.

Focus 2019 is an opportunity to look at the bigger picture.

Whether you have done 321 Focus or not, Focus 2019 is about getting your whole life on track. In May 2000 I woke up to find that I was living the life I was expected to live but not the life I knew I was meant to live. Many more people are finding themselves in this situation. We are all waking up. Perhaps this is why you are reading this right now. If so, fear not. You are on your journey. While it has taken me a lot of Soul searching, courses, books…and countless journals and many years to get firmly onto my right path, I have made it. You will make it too. There is no going back now. You are SAFE.

Focus 2019 will help you get clarity about your right path.

Focus 2019 is a more holistic way to setting goals for the year ahead.

It’s about connecting with your Soul’s mission. It’s about identifying what is REALLY important, seeing the whole picture, what to focus on to create balance and putting practices in place to support YOU and keep yourself on track for the year ahead.
— Maria B. Bourke
Excellent course, thank you so much. Doing the dreams and goals has been really good - really going in and finding the ones that I really need to do and/or are aligned with my soul. I feel I have something to work towards and for and the structure for it (which I need). I love the weekly goals journal and the positive affirmations for the events in the year/weeks etc. Looking forward to filling that in as and when the events are known to me. The whole process is helping me to be clear and structured and Focused! Thank you very much.
— Victoria Ann Wright

What is Focus 2019?

Focus 2019 is an online course you can do any time of the year at your own pace. For me personally the bridge between Christmas and New Year is when I get into reflective mode. For this reason and knowing this time of reflection can be a difficult experience for many, I decided to create Focus 2019 over Christmas 2018 to share the tools and processes I use every year to help you make the most of your time and set meaningful goals and dreams for the year ahead.

What is involved in Focus 2019?

A commitment to YOU! (Do watch the video above!)

  • YOU choose how you want to work through this material. Remember life is a marathon not a sprint…so take the time you need to complete each exercise. You may feel like dipping in and out. Listen to your gut! Pauses between sections will give you a chance to process and reflect.

  • You will have written exercises to do. There are videos to explain both the processes and insights.

  • I am deliberately not revealing too much about the content so you have an open mind as we go through each section. This is how I run my ‘in person’ courses and workshops. I have long likened coaching to teaching! I love the quote below and I don’t want anyone minimising their results by preempting what’s coming in the course!

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.
— Alexandra K.Trenfor

  • There is NO right and NO wrong!
    An acorn does not expect to be a Chestnut Tree…so too deep inside… YOU know WHO you are and WHAT YOUR RIGHT PATH is. This process is about helping you discover YOUR TRUTH. This is about learning to allow YOUR answers to reveal themselves. This is about YOU giving yourself PERMISSION to be YOU…the REAL YOU!

  • Focus 2019 is a perfect complement to the 30 Day 321 Focus Challenge. Together they create an amazing framework and practices to support you living your very best life - day to day, week to week and year to year.

  • Regardless when you sign up, all the material will be available to you until November 1st 2019…so you can come and go as often as you like!

  • Every day is a chance to start again!
    No matter when you are reading this, the Focus 2019 material can help you get on track but more importantly work out what your right track is!

Focus 2019 is an opportunity to take your time and make your time….YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE… work for you! It’s about quality…not quantity.

If this sounds interesting you are welcome to sign up here for the Focus 2019. I've included more information below about who is eligible and (optional) Facebook group support.

Remember we get what we focus on whether we want it or not!

So whether you decide to do Focus 2019 or not

Happy Focusing!

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P.S. Feel free to tell your friends and colleagues.


Who can do the challenge?

Everyone over 18 who takes full responsibility for their own actions and their outcomes is welcome to do the challenge. 

Would you like group support for the challenge?

I have created an optional Focus 2019 Facebook group which you may or may not wish to join. (I often avoid these there is no pressure to join!) The link to the facebook group is available to those who have signed up. 

If you want to sign up for the challenge please click here.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee your results from doing this course. You do this course at your own risk and take full responsibility for your own actions and their outcomes. You must be over 18 years to do this challenge.


12 years ago I changed my life by joining Maria Bourke’s Jumpstart your life course. Everything I learned during that course I still do and believe in today. 12 years and 2 children later I jumped for joy when I received the link to join the 30 day Challenge , without hesitation I signed up.

As a busy working mum of two, it focused my mind every day to take time out for myself, to think about what I wanted to achieve and what I was grateful for each day. I looked forward to the email and video link everyday with an almost childlike enthusiasm.

As I knew already from my previous course with Maria, she is encouraging, understanding and sharing of her own stories about her own journey. The challenge brings you an inner peace that I am very grateful for. I would encourage everyone to take this challenge, the 30 days go by so quickly and you become awakened again to continue your own journey.

Thanks Maria.
— Edel Quinn, Business Manager.