Exercise 32 - Are you a mighty oak...yet?

Last night I enjoyed an impromptu catch-up with an old friend. As we swopped stories about our children’s progress, he told  me how powerful he felt in the world when he was 25, an insight he had only recently shared with his son now that age.

He tried to explain it first referencing an object... but obviously it was some sort of guy-gadget....I just didn’t get it! “OK ..I felt there was nothing I could not do. I was completely fearless. The world was my oyster.” I listened attentively.....getting a very powerful image as he spoke...... “This is what I’m seeing...a fully mature...perfectly developed Oak Tree in full bloom......but I can also see the roots...that perfectly mirror the shape, strength and intensity of all that is visible above ground.” “WOW...I’ve never thought of it like that before....that is exactly it! WOW..I like that analogy!”

“I have something to confess....your story made me feel REALLY sad. I think it’s amazing that you felt like that at 25...you are so lucky to have felt so loved and confident in the world.” He apologised for upsetting me. “Please don’t apologise! I’m really glad you shared this. In my experience many people do not feel so grounded and powerful at such an early age. You are a lucky guy to be living like that for over half your life now!”

“What made you sad?” “At 25 I still felt so unsure of myself and so unsafe in the world. Of course I didn’t admit this to anyone then. I just kept on faking it....!”

After a comfortable pause and some further time to reflect and process the conversation. “ You know....I’ve only actually started to feel like that mighty unshakeable oak...in the last few weeks! I’m really glad you shared your insight. Now I understand what is different about me......I have finally managed to spread and strengthen my root system.”

So ...the challenge....what kind of tree are you? If you are very visual you may see a picture in your mind’s eye. Would it be an idea to get out some pens, pencils and paper...and allow yourself to draw the tree that reflects your current state in the world?

What would you like to change about the image? Is it time to throw out some new branches and try some new things....are you playing small in the world? Or maybe like me...you’ve been pretending to feel safer than you are....what can you do to put down more roots...and keep yourself more grounded?

You were born to be a mighty oak....don’t let anyone stop you achieving your full potential...especially yourself!

Till next time...be strong and shine brightly in your world!