321 Focus! #0 - Zero Limits! It's time to soar!

Happy Saturday Friend!

Welcome to #0. It's Zero Limits o'clock!

The video will explain what I mean by this!

If you have reached this email you have completed your 321 Focus 30 Day Challenge. If you would like to receive a certificate (by email) please reply to this email with the name you would like me to put on your certificate and the date you completed your challenge. I will send it to you ASAP thereafter.

Here is today's video!

321 Focus! 2018 Challenge - Happy Focusing #0


You can set new intentions and work through the 321 Focus process any time you want. I personally work on a 29 day cycle, setting new intentions at the new moon every single month.(Details in the video)

Remember how AMAZING and powerful you are and what a wonderful abundant universe we live in.

Embrace every opportunity to use YOUR magik and create the truly wonderful life you deserve!

Every ending is a wonderful new beginning!

Until we meet again...Happy 321 Focusing!

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321 Facebook Support Group.

Here is our final link #0. I hope you’ll pop on even just to say goodbye!

321 Focus! 2018 Challenge - Daily Guided Meditation

Daily Guided Meditation   
(Click here and scroll down to find the audio versions)

Find YOUR right time to do your meditation.
You might like to try it at different times and see what suits you best.

If you already have a meditation practice and / or you'd prefer something else please be guided to honour what is right for you. There is an enormous selection of meditations available online. 
Here's the Lust for Life blog  link to the article by Jonni Pollard of 1 Giant Mind regarding the benefits of meditation. 

P.S. If at any stage you need to catch up on any videos here's the link to the 321 Focus YouTube Playlist.

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