321 Focus! #19 (aka Day 12)

Happy Monday Friend!

Welcome to Day 12 aka #19.

I hope you're feeling energised and empowered and ready for a great new week! 

As usual...at a time that works for you, complete your 3...2...1..and Focus (a) in any order that suits you.

3 Daily Affirmation (with your 2 additional Vision lines)

2 Daily Guided Meditation (video link included below for easy access!)

1 Daily Gratitude

As promised, here's the link with the information on all 3 elements including the audio versions of the meditation. 

Here's today's video!

321 Focus! 2018 Challenge - Happy Focusing #19


a) Read #30 Focus - This may now be your own audio. The more often you listen and / or read this with FEELING, the quicker things will start to manifest.

b) It's Monday Review o'clock! 
If you need to recap click here to check out video #26. The Monday Review information starts at [4.29].

Here are the headings / questions from last week:

  • 3 things I want to achieve this week

  • 5+ things I am happy about from last week. (Ideally, things you did that weren't on any list!)

  • What is working / going well?

  • Why?

  • What is not going well? / What needs my attention?

  • Action...write out what needs to be done and add dates if possible!

  • What reward will I give myself? How many gold stars do you deserve? Give them to yourself! 

  • NOW go back and read through your #26 answers:
    - 3 things to achieve from last week. Tick off what has been achieved. 
    - Re-read all of last week's answers. Have you made progress on last week's actions? Does anything need to be added to this week's actions? Any extra credit you need to give yourself?

As I stated last week, it is so important to be your own best cheerleader. Remember our 321 Focus motto - Self praise is the BEST praise!

NOW for something really special to help us all.

As I explained in the video, Victoria Ann Wright of Flower Harmony, one of our 321 Focusers, has created a vibrational essence to help us all ground and integrate the energy of "I am ready to be ALL that I am."

You just need to sit and look at the pictures, either on this email or download them. Allow yourself to really connect with and integrate the energy. Below the pictures Victoria explains the contribution of each element:
Daffodil, Oak Circle and Yellow Rose. 

Thank you SO much Victoria for creating this specially for us. Namaste.  

I am ready to be ALL that I AM Flower Harmony Essences.jpg

Comprising Daffodil, Oak Circle and Yellow Rose

Daffodil - For bringing sunshine, light, empowerment; for feeling the energy increase within you starting at your core (hara/solar plexus) and radiating out; for shining your own beautiful light into the world. The daffodil shows you this shining light that is you.

Oak Circle - The Oak Circle Magic essence was made at the tranquil, healing paradise that is Moors Meadow gardens at Full Moon. It captures the energy of the garden itself but co-created in the centre of the oak circle there makes it so much more powerful. The essence is full of magic and manifestation, it opens doors for you and allows you to travel where you want to. You can do anything or be anything you choose. It helps with visualisation, allowing you to create the reality you want and helping you to step into it. It also brings great support, safety and strength. You are never alone. There is peace and reconnection to the earth, grounding you as you follow your dreams. 

The yellow rose asks you: Who are you at your core? This essence will help you be true to yourself. It will help you find who you are and help you be who you are. Your own truth will come to the fore. There is strength in this and you will find empowerment. The essence helps you to be grounded and from this will help you grow with strength and into your own truth.

If you wish to learn more about Victoria Ann Wright, here is her website: victoriaannwright.co.uk and / or you can follow Victoria on Facebook.

Remember the importance of the FULL STOP! (info in the video!)

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See you tomorrow for #18.

Remember to be kind to yourself every day.
Have a wonderful day!

Happy 321 Focusing!

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321 Focus! 2018 Challenge - Daily Guided Meditation

Daily Guided Meditation   
(Click here and scroll down to find the audio versions)

Find YOUR right time to do your meditation.
You might like to try it at different times and see what suits you best.

If you already have a meditation practice and / or you'd prefer something else please be guided to honour what is right for you. There is an enormous selection of meditations available online. 
Here's the Lust for Life blog  link to the article by Jonni Pollard of 1 Giant Mind regarding the benefits of meditation. 

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