321 Focus! - We start TOMORROW! Are you READY?

Happy Wednesday Friend!

I am SO excited!
We start our 30 Day Challenge 321 Focus tomorrow!

Here's the final reminder of what you need and a bit more information...

I've made a video as I know some people find it easier to watch or listen. I've also typed a VERY brief summary of the key points below!

From tomorrow you will get an email at 10am (Irish time) from Monday to Saturday. 

As tomorrow's video will be a bit longer than the 2-3 minutes I've promised as we need to set everything up for the next 30 days...I MADE AN EXECUTIVE DECISION (!!) TO WAIT AND INTRODUCE THE MEDITATION ON DAY 2.

Thereafter, three of the four activities will remain the same every day. YES..you'll be able to get everything done in 20 minutes per day after Day 1! In fact you should still get Day 1 done in 20 minutes too! (I like to keep my promises!)

If you haven't already taken the actions from the welcome email here's what you need to do!
Short summary:

  1. Get yourself a nice journal / notebook.

  2. Write the following affirmation in the front to set your intention:

    I NOW have my perfect 30 Day Challenge experience with outcomes better than my wildest dreams.

  3. Mark the challenge dates in your diary to make the commitment to yourself NOW!
    #30  September 13; #29 September 14...all the way to #1 October 12.

  4. Set a reminder in your phone (if that's your thing!). You can expect an email from me at 10am each morning (excluding Sunday).

  5. There is an OPTIONAL Facebook Support Group. If you'd like to join the details are below.

I hope this is an amazing experience for us all. If you have any queries please email me and I will get back to you ASAP! If at any stage you need to catch up on any videos here's the link to the 321 Focus YouTube Playlist. I'll include this in the P.S. section on all other emails for you!

It's not too late for others to join so please feel free to spread the word about 321 Focus! to anyone you think would be interested / benefit. (It's as simple as forwarding this email!)

Wishing you AMAZING outcomes with your challenge!
See you tomorrow!

Happy 321 Focus!

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Remember, you can opt out at any time by unsubscribing at the end of any email. This  challenge is meant to support you not add pressure to your life!

321 Facebook Support Group - this is optional.

Joining is a little bit more complicated than I'd expected! 

As this is a private group I will have to 'invite you' from the group page. 
If you want to join aka 'be invited' just reply to this email. If we're not Facebook friends can you please send me your FB link in the email so I can add the right person and / or add me as a friend ( https://www.facebook.com/maria.bourke.77).
Note: I will not invite you to join the group unless I get an email from you requesting to be invited!

For anyone who joins the group this is the link to the Welcome Post if you'd like to introduce yourself!

P.S. If you would like to follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook please click on the links in the menu. 

I share 'A bit of Magik for the week ahead' an inspirational 2-3 minute video by email each Monday. If you'd like to sign up click the green link below. You will find the archive of past newsletters here on my website.