321 Focus! Your Daily Elements...all together!

I’ve created this post so you have the information on the elements that repeat each day in one place for easy access.

The 3 repeating elements are:

3 Daily Affirmation

2 Daily Guided Meditation

1 Daily Gratitude

You can do them in any order that suits you.
I’ll include the link to this page in all your daily emails.

If you want to do the 3 elements before your daily email please work away!

You’ll get your FOCUS each day in your email at 10am.

The WHY video - answering 6 key questions about the challenge and elements is also below for your convenience.

3. Daily Affirmation

I write my affirmation every day when I get up first. It sets me up for the day like a good breakfast! Personally I prefer the Infinite Spirit wording inspired by Florence Scovel Shinn, The Game of Life. Alternatively for the first 2 lines you can write: 

I NOW have an AMAZING day today.

The WHY video below explains the wording in the affirmation. I know myself when I understand the WHY it’s easier for me to make a decision to commit or not to doing something. The video is time stamped for your convenience.

321 Focus Daily Affirmation.png

2. Daily Guided Meditation

For me this gets slotted in when I need to ground myself during the day and/or when I need to rest and recharge my batteries. If you are new to meditation just relax and enjoy. Some people are very visual and can ‘see’ everything while others get the sense or feeling and / or you can have different experiences yourself from one day to the next. Whatever happens, be gentle on yourself.

Here's the Lust for Life blog  link to the article by Jonni Pollard of 1 Giant Mind regarding the benefits of meditation.

Here is the meditation in video format.

The audio version is now available below to download as promised

321 Focus! 2018 Challenge - Daily Guided Meditation

Daily Guided Meditation Audio with gentle music in the background!

You can listen here (black button) or download (white button). Enjoy!

1. Daily Gratitude

Write out a list of 10+ things you are grateful for.

I am SO grateful for / that / about…

You can do this any time during the day. I usually do it in the evening reflecting back on my day!


a) Re-read (and tweak each day until you have it the way you really want it) your Day 1 Focus about how you’d like your life to be in 30 days.

b) This will be a question or exercise for self reflection included in the daily email!

The WHY Video

I've made this video as I know myself I find it easier to do many things if I know WHY I should do them or how I will benefit.

321 Focus! 2018 Challenge - The WHY Video

To my mind there are 6 questions so I've answered them here. I've timestamped [time] them so you can easily find the answer you're looking for if you don't have time to watch the whole video.

1. Why 30 Days? [1.00]

2. Why include the Daily Affirmation? Why the specific wording? [1.50]

3. Why include meditation? [8.43]

Here's the Lust for Life blog  link to the article by Jonni Pollard of 1 Giant Mind regarding the benefits of meditation.

4. Why include Gratitude? [10.34]

5. What are the benefits of a group challenge? [11.49]

6. Why the focus on FOCUS? [14.46]

If you've a question I haven't answered please send me an email!