321 Focus! #26 (aka Day 5)

Happy Monday Friend!

Great to have you back for Day 5 aka #26.

I hope you had a great weekend. I know you know the drill now!

SO...at a time that works for you today, complete our three elements and Focus (a) in any order that suits you. As promised, here's the link with the information on the three elements if you need to recap at any stage. 

3 Daily Affirmation

2 Daily Guided Meditation (video link included below for easy access!)
I have sorted the audio versions with gentle music throughout. Thanks for your patience and for the feedback re the music! It is not possible to include the audio versions in this Mailchimp email so you'll need to click here to visit the daily elements page and scroll down below the meditation video to find the audio versions. There you have the option to listen or download for your convenience.

1 Daily Gratitude 

Here's today's video! It's a bit longer than 3 minutes...you’ll see why!

321 Focus! 2018 Challenge - Happy Focusing #26

#26 FOCUS 

a) Read #30 Focus - I hope by now you are really clear on what you really want.

b) Monday Review
( See today's video above. If you're in a hurry or want to recap you'll get the info at [4.29])

I started doing this in August 2017. I find it brilliant. It is so important to be your own best cheerleader.

Our 321 Focus motto - Self praise is the BEST praise!

This weekly practice helps you to keep yourself on track and MOTIVATED, identifying and correcting anything that needs your attention! AND acknowledging and celebrating your successes!

Here are the headings / questions:

  • 3 things I want to achieve this week

  • 5+ things I am happy about from last week. (Ideally, things you did that weren't on any list!)

  • What is working / going well?

  • Why?

  • What is not going well? / What needs my attention?

  • Action...and add dates if possible!

  • What reward will I give myself? How many gold stars do you deserve? Give them to yourself! 

Well done for keeping up your daily 321 Focus!

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See you tomorrow for #25.

Have an AMAZING day!

Happy 321 Focusing!

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321 Focus! 2018 Challenge - Daily Guided Meditation

Daily Guided Meditation   
(Click here and scroll down to find the audio versions)

Find YOUR right time to do your meditation.
You might like to try it at different times and see what suits you best.

If you already have a meditation practice and / or you'd prefer something else please be guided to honour what is right for you. There is an enormous selection of meditations available online. 
Here's the Lust for Life blog  link to the article by Jonni Pollard of 1 Giant Mind regarding the benefits of meditation. 

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